After a month of incredible participation and engagement during the 2017 Open Month competition, we’d like to congratulate the winners of a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet.

Sekolah Pelita Bangsa International School

Students and teachers from the Indonesia-based school showed fantastic participation during the month-long competition, enough to have the highest weighted score which crowned them the champion.

Open to all schools across Asia, the 2017 Open Month ran from September 18 – October 17. Not only did schools have free access to the world’s number 1 e-learning resource for mathematics for an entire month, but they also had the chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet.


We’d like to thank the many thousands of students and teachers who took part in the Mathletics Open Month and shared a love of learning with us.

For more information on the event, visit the official Open Month website.

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