Rich learning maths tasks from Mathletics
Rich learning maths tasks from Mathletics

Rich learning tasks from Mathletics. Richer, deeper, better.

We believe students learn better by doing and our Rich Learning Tasks are a great example of this. Created in partnership with leading educators such as Dr. Marian Small, these maths activities provide both teachers and students with an interactive, open-ended and deeply engaging learning experience.

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Dr. Marian Small

Explore rich, open-ended learning with Mathletics…

  • A range of open-ended tasks with multiple possible outcomes for success, each catering for different levels of ability among students.

  • Addressing specific curriculum outcomes using open exploration, problem solving and reasoning skills.

  • Includes video, interactive and printable components for more engaging lessons – plus dedicated teacher notes.

  • Rich and open-ended learning, specifically designed to encourage student ownership, self-direction, and engagement.

  • In addition to the interactive lessons, a huge library of printable Rich Learning Tasks is available for Reception to Year 8 classrooms. Dozens more rich and open learning activities, ready and waiting in your Teacher Console.

Rich learning maths tasks from Mathletics
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Dr. Marian Small: Partnering with Mathletics

At Mathletics, our team partners with leading minds in education to produce the best resources for our schools. One of our key partners is Dr. Marian Small – renowned author, educator and professional development consultant.

Dr. Small has worked with our team to create a range of Rich Learning Tasks, exploring a variety of maths concepts in engaging and interactive ways.

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Who better than the co-creator of these rich learning activities, Dr. Marian Small, to offer some insight into the thinking behind them, as well as tips and advice for some great open-ended lessons.

Build a Number

One of the Rich Learning Tasks available within Mathletics explores proportional reasoning and place value, suitable for students in approximately Year 3.

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Pattern Blocks

Another example of a Rich Learning Task available within Mathletics explores concepts relating to fractions, using pattern blocks, suitable for students in approximately Year 5.

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