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Well, where do we start? There is so much to see and do within Mathletics, for both teachers and students. We’ve collected together a number of video previews to give you just a taste of how Mathletics can target the maths curriculum and create successful learners in your classrooms and beyond. So sit back and click play… (popcorn optional)

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Mathletics for primary schools

Mathletics is loved by primary schools. A captivating and safe learning experience combining targeted and adaptive curriculum content, structured and interactive support, with engaging gaming and rewards – all aligned to the primary maths curriculum.

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Mathletics for secondary schools

Secondary school demands an older, more study-focused interface. We’ve created a dedicated interface, specifically for maths students in Year 7 and beyond, to provide older learners with the study tools and maths curriculum resources aligned to the maths curriculum, allowing them to take greater control of their own learning.

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Mathletics for teachers

Included with every school subscription is the Mathletics Teacher Console. An intuitive and efficient interface designed to help you address the balance between teacher-led instruction and independent, student-driven learning in your maths classroom. Dive in and discover how we’re making it easy for you to be an integral part of the Mathletics personalised learning experience for all learners.

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The Australian Catholic University agrees…

We’ve always known that Mathletics provides a significant advantage to all students who use it. Now it’s been proven.

Dr. Tony Stokes, from ACU Sydney, recently published an independent study looking into external standardised test results from over 9000 schools over a five year period. The results speak for themselves…

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The University of Oxford agrees…

Mathletics is built upon ten years of educational research. The University of Oxford recently carried out a study of more than 13,000 schools in England to assess the impact of Mathletics on Year 6-level results in maths.The study found that pupils regularly using Mathletics outperformed non-Mathletics users in terms of both attainment and progress.

Working with parents as partners…

It’s a three-way relationship between parents, students and their teachers. That’s why we place parents at the core of what we build for schools. We have developed a range of resources for both parents and teachers so that we can effectively progress parent-teacher relations.

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We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a free trial of Mathletics. Explore Mathletics for yourself in your classroom today.

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The thinking behind Mathletics: Saving time

We love enhancing learning with technology. We believe that resources should be there to support and to empower the learning process, not hold it back. That’s why one of our core goals is to give teachers the freedom of time, in not just one way but many. Take a look…

The thinking behind Mathletics: Blended teaching

With classrooms becoming increasingly diverse, we don’t believe a teaching resource should tie you to one method of teaching. We are dedicated to providing a resource that fosters teacher-led instruction and independent, student-driven learning. We believe in empowering teachers with the tools to personalise the amount of guidance each student needs.

The thinking behind Mathletics: Captivation

Captivation happens when something grabs hold of a learner’s interest and empowers them to feel confident, motivated to think critically and reflect on their learning. We’re passionate about a focus on the whole student – and creating a truly personalised learning experience is more than accommodating a mix of learning styles. That’s why we are taking the Mathletics experience to the next level, to truly captivate all learners.

The thinking behind Mathletics: Integrating technology

We understand that the integration of technology into the classroom can be intimidating, time consuming… and frustrating. At Mathletics we know it doesn’t have to be that way. With new accessibility options, Single Sign On integration and an improved experience for tablet users, integrating Mathletics into the classroom is now easier than ever.